23.1.18 Dark Web and Cybercrime Roundup

23.1.18 Dark Web and Cybercrime Roundup

HugBunter Hacks Freshly Launched “Odyssey Market”

One of the pentesters responsible for disclosing many darknet market vulnerabilities, HugBunter, effectively wrecked a new darknet market only moments after it launched. Like White Shadow market, Odyssey market used a script. A Reddit user pointed this out roughly one week ago. The market admin told Reddit users that they only used the stylesheet from the script, or, at a minimum, rewrote parts of it. Instead, HugBunter found, “the system is almost completely a mirror image of the original.”

He said the market developers had changed almost nothing. HugBunter claimed that had rooted the server within 15 minutes of accessing it. He claimed he created multiple shells which he then used to navigate site directories and issue commands. He also uploaded a defacement page—one confirmed by the moderators of the darknetmarkets subreddit. The market, one of the worst HugBunter said he had seen, shut down following the Reddit post. Reddit

Victim’s Family Claims Darknet Child Abuse Investigation Went Too Far

Now that the news has been made public, some are questioning law enforcement’s action during the investigation into one of the largest child pornography forums on the darknet. The investigation, primarily managed by Taskforce Argos in Australia, focused on a forum called “Childs Play.” Taskforce Argos took control of the forum and ran it for several months before shutting it down. And while the Argos investigation ruffled more than a few feathers, people are now questioning the actions of the United States Homeland Security Investigations.

Before arresting the leaders of the forum in the United States, HSI agents followed the men to several locations on the East Coast. Court documents revealed that the agents watched the two conspirators enter and leave a house where they raped a four-year-old. Only days later did law enforcement step in and arrest the men. The child’s family believes that the agents knew what the two forum owners had planned on doing when they entered the house where the four-year-old was living. If the agents knew and allowed it to happen—for the sake of the investigation—the family wants to know. They fear their child was used as bait. DeepDotWeb

The GAO Tried to Illegally Buy 79 Guns Online and Failed

For two and a half years, federal agents tried their hardest to illegally buy guns on both the darknet and clearnet. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently released a report that detailed the (failed) operation. They found that buying guns proved much more difficult than the media has made it seem. They tried to buy 79 guns online. They only succeeded in two attempts.

Every attempt to purchase an illegal weapon on the clearnet failed. The seller either outright declined, closed the account belonging to the feds, or downright scammed them. Why Congress requested that the GAO conduct the operation remains a mystery; in the report, the GAO cited an ATF report that found that the majority of gun deals online are scams. The feds fared slightly better on the darknet, though. They managed to obtain two guns: and AR-15 and a submachine gun. DeepDotWeb

Australian Drug Trafficker Caught Using His Own PO Box

A 2016 investigation by the Australian Border Force led to the arrest of Joel Paul Prime, a 32-year-old from Eyre Peninsula. The Border Force received a tip that someone had been receiving drugs in the mail that someone had hidden inside CD and DVD cases. Port Lincoln detectives later arrested the man as he picked up packages at the post office that contained several illegal substances.

At a recent hearing, the court heard that Prime’s suppliers shipped drugs to a post office box registered under Prime’s real name. He pleaded guilty to more than a dozen state and federal drug trafficking charges, including importing and exporting a border controlled drug and drug trafficking. DeepDotWeb

Nigerian Fraudster Admits Role in 2 Million Dollar Fraud Scheme

A 31-year-old fraudster named Adeyemi Odufuye pleaded guilty to stealing millions of dollars from companies in the United States. He faced fraud and identity theft charges, both of which he pleaded guilty to. HE also admitted that he had conspired with other fraudsters in his scheme to funnel millions of dollars from US companies into bank accounts under his control.

He started his scams in 2015. Alongside partners, both known and unknown to the court, Odufuye sent spoofed emails to employees at the companies he targeted. He posed as the CEO of the company and requested wire transfers for hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time. The fraudster eluded authorities for some time, operating under the aliases “Yemi,” “GMB,” “Micky Bricks,” “Micky,” “Bawz,” and “Jefe.” The FBI eventually caught him with assistance from international agencies and brought him to face charges in Connecticut. The case is ongoing and the FBI has identified a number of Odufuye’s partners. DeepDotWeb

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